Cravache de Robert Piguet
Cravache de Robert Piguet

Cravache Eau de Toilette

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Originally created by Robert Piguet Parfums in 1963, Cravache is an exhilarating classic citrus scent reinterpreted with modern elegance. Inspired by an equestrian outing — Cravache means riding crop in French. Perfectly balanced yet vivacious, this fragrance is an ode to traditional European cologne compositions.

Lemon and mandarin set a fresh prelude for sweet lavender accented with a spicy bite of nutmeg. The comforting warmth of patchouli anchors the bracing citrus notes while the green and earthy richness of vetiver provides a beautifully grounding contrast to the initial sparkling accord.

Cravache is reminiscent of an Italian countryside on a warm summer day where a gentle breeze carries the delicate perfume of lemon blossoms and sun-dried grasses — fresh, vibrant and warm.

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