Corso x Robert Piguet

Big news—we have officially partnered with Corso for Green Shipping Protection™! Corso Green Shipping Protection™ is leading the way to make all e-commerce shipments carbon neutral.

How does it work?

Corso calculates our customers' carbon footprint and the cost to offset it at checkout. For about 1% of your order total, customers can opt in to have 100% of carbon emissions associated with the order offset, and the order will be fully protected against theft, damage, and carrier mishandling. Carbon offset funds will be contributed to carefully selected projects in partnership with Cool Effect, a nonprofit whose projects are 100% scientifically verified and ethically proven.

When it comes to shipping protection, Corso has you covered. Customers will be emailed by Corso right after checkout with helpful info in case of an order issue, and Corso concierge will provide support and find a resolution in the form of a new item or refund in less than 24 hours. That means no more smashed boxes and broken hearts.

Our partnership with Corso means fewer headaches, more peace of mind, and doing right by the planet.